Platte County Economic Development Community Award

Weston Community Development Award winner: Miss Doyle’s Soapery
In 2004, Cheryl Mitchell had a vision of designing all-natural alternatives to soaps, lotions, deodorants and healing products. She moved her business, Miss Doyle’s Soapery, to Weston in 2016. Cheryl’s motto is “building and empowering a strong, inspired, and passionate community.” To that end, she started a program called “Active Duty Soaps” and for every bar of soap purchased, the business sends soap to an active military member. Miss Doyle’s Soapery already achieved its goal of 1,700 bars of soap sent in 2018, so they are now targeting 2,000 before year’s end. 

A similar program the business runs is called “Inspire Bath & Body” and already 100 bottles of lotion and spray have been donated to the YWCA domestic shelter and home for women and families in St. Joseph.

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