Active Duty Soaps

Active Duty Soaps is a division of Miss Doyle's Soapery LLC. Active Duty Soaps is our original amazing handmade lye soap line that we changed into a give-back program in January of 2017. This line is near and dear to my heart. In November of 2016 my oldest son joined the United States Marine Corp and after days of crying and trying to figure out how to live life without one of my kiddos I realized how much of the basic needs supplies our military has to purchase that is not supplied. Soap being one of those items. So my brain went to work. We have a wonderfully successful soap line so why not allow folks to get on board and send our military a travel size bottle of our amazing body wash.  I am so excited to share that in the past 2 years of the program we have donated over 2500 soaps. I am expanding the line to have deodorant sprays, shoe fresheners and other amazing products!