Update on Active Duty Soaps!

Update on Active Duty Soaps!

Ok all I can say is WOW! We have 658 soaps that have been and are being donated! 

So to start we have a fund set up through a non profit group to help us collect donations for shipping! We are piling up the soap but are having a hard time keeping up with the shipping costs! You can donate here and receive an IRS tax deductible receipt for your shipping donation. We appreciate all the support you have given us with your soap purchase now we just need to get them out to our Active Duty Military Personnel! 

So our first 2 boxes of soaps went out 2 months ago (that cost us $25 to ship) We sent out 60 of the 658 soaps! 


We also started selling our soaps at the Maryville Hy-Vee and for 1 month they not only matched us 1 bar but 4 bars for every soap we sold. We have 200 soaps getting ready to go out next week on top of the regular donations of 196 bars that were purchased to sell at the Hy-Vee. I know that is 400 bars just from them! So if you are in Maryville, MO and would like to support our cause please stop in and pick up a few bars! 

The Maryville Hy-Vee was generous to give us an end cap for 2 months. We are still available near their pharmacy section! The handsome kiddo in the picture is our reason why we started this program. This was his first day back from Boot Camp (oohrah)

Now a huge super huge THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased online and in store! we have sold 209 soaps as of today! Yes that means we have 149 soaps still to ship out to our Active Duty Military members!

We also ran a local fundraiser with our Active Duty Soaps ( we donated 50% of the sales back towards the guys and gals serving) and sold 51 soaps...those sales went towards buying other goodies like socks, beef jerky, snacks and other stuff. Then we donated the 51 soaps to those boxes and got all 20 boxes shipped out yesterday to APO Europe!


 the Savannah MO post office was super helpful even though they were so busy with tax day! Just a note that shipment cost ($272). This is why we need the help to pay for shipping! 

So you can see we have been very very busy and are so excited to have hit such a large donation mark! I can see us hitting 1000 by summer! With your help we are on our way! Please think about helping us with shipping this is a great program and we really do need the help with the program. 


Thanks for everything

Cheryl Mitchell Owner Miss Doyle's Soapery





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